Heatherwood Hospital 1922-2023

Heatherwood Hospital History

League of Friends Heritage Group

Welcome to the League of Friends Heritage Group website.

This web site replaces the old League of Friends website which was dedicated to the work of the league.

The aim of this web site is to remember the hospital from it's original building in the early 1920's up until this original site is demolished for new houses.

On Friday 25th March 2022 all but one of the last of the services, closed on the old site.

The web site has been funded by the league and will carry all of the original material from the league's history.

We hope with time visitors to this site who remember the old hospital will share their stories and photo's.




Please do take a look at our website for Radio Heatherwood and it's history, it contains a lot of what had been achieved during the 40 years radio service to the hospital.

Two trustees as the League of Friends Heritage Group, will maintain copyright including. intellectual rights, on behalf of all those that have contributed in one form or another, to the "League" and its services.


David Smith
On Behalf of the League of Friends Heatherwood Hospital.


The story begins:-


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